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The Technology

The fashion industry is competitive, the same as the manufacturing field. In order to be on top of the game, we need to have exceptional workmanship, advanced printing methods, and the capability of sourcing premium and unique fabrics with workable MOQ and pricing. 

 The capability of utilizing

different printing methods

There are three major printing methods: Digital Print, Screen Print, and Heat Transfer. We are also able to do tie-dye, Golden Plantium, Heat Seal Print,  and etc. Contact us for more details!

We are capable to source various fabrics to meet the client’s needs.

We are able to source different types of fabrics, including Rib, Honey Comb, Metallic, Seersucker, Crochet Knit,  Jacquard and etc. Please contact us for further details.

The capability of various types of workmanship

We are able to do Chemical lace, Ruffle, Bow, Smoking, Macrame, Ruched. Lacer cut, Lace-up, woven, embroidery and etc. Contact us for more details about the workmanship!

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