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Sampling & Production

Professional Production Team

Maxonn’s proud production team consists of hundreds of skilled and experienced employees to monitor, assure, and carry out daily productions and functions. Our QC (quality control) members carry out strict inspection at each stage of the production to ensure the clients’ requirements and needs are met.

Some clients prefer to provide the vendor with a detailed technical pack (TP) of his/her design, but others might find building a full TP very time-consuming and challenging. With over 10 years of production experience, we are capable of interpreting TPs to make the garments within our clients’ expectations. We can also bring the designs to life based on inspiration images and sketches.

Sampling Process

Sampling is a significant step in the development process. With a sample, clients can test the fit of the garment and determine if the shape meets the requirements. The 2nd fit sample will be improved based on the clients’ feedbacks. The same process might repeat a few times before the patterns and the fits can be fully approved by the clients before the bulk production. We tend to use correct fabrics, and colors/ prints to make the proto samples, which is much easier for our clients to have a clear idea of what the final product may look like.

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